Empresa das Águas do Vimeiro wins International Certification of Food Safety

Food Safety System Certification (FSSC 22000) is the new Águas do Vimeiro certification granted last July awarding the company’s capture, bottling and primary distribution of natural mineral water, naturally carbonated mineral water and table water.

The FSSC 22000 is a robust, transparent and extremely demanding standard that meets high international standards and meets food safety requirements.

In order to increase consumer confidence, ensure the highest quality and safety of all products, improve organizational performance and follow the needs of partners and suppliers, the company underwent a thorough audit, carried out by APCER, for the attribution of the certification.

The brand thus assumes its culture of continuous improvement where consumer satisfaction, protection of the environment, valuation of all employees, compliance with the laws and, at the same time, the supply of a product with high quality standards are always present, says José Pedro Fezas Vital, administrator of the EAV.

With a focus on the excellence of the water production and distribution process and the constant innovation of the Vimeiro brand, this latest certification acknowledges the company’s commitment to continue its efforts to maintain the consolidated growth trend registered in the last four years, says Pedro Esteves, commercial and marketing director of EAV.

Since 2009, when the company began a restructuring process with the launching of the Vimeiro Lisa water, the brand has strengthened its position in the bottled water market by increasing its recognition and reputation and, consequently, its market share.

It should also be noted that the FSSC 22000 is a judicious food safety management certification program that incorporates already existing standards, including ISO 22000, sector-specific PPR’S and HACCP, with the assessment and approval of the Global Food Standard Initiative (GFSI).