Healthy Moments with Vimeiro Original are back at the Baby’s Fair

With a wide range of waters whose consumption is inevitably associated with the different moments of our lives, the Vimeiro brand is back, for the third consecutive year, at the Babies Fairs with the Vimeiro Original water, to reinforce the sharing of real moments of healthy tenderness between mothers and babies.

The clear and constant demand of this water by mothers, the growing recognition of its benefits and the pediatricians’ endorsement encouraging its consumption, continues to make of this initiative a true bet for the brand.

Between January 23rd and February 23rd, Vimeiro Original will be present at the Jumbo Baby Show, El Corte Inglés and some of EuromadiPort’s associates, through brand activation involving special prices, gift offer – (limited to existing stock) – highlights in the exclusive childcare leaflets. A communication campaign that encompasses visibility at the point of sale through the use of special locations and the use of exclusive materials that guarantee the best exposure of the brand and the communication of the benefits of Vimeiro Original will also be set in motion. In the case of the  Jumbo stores, we will be integrated in the space of our partner “Moms and Babies” of the group Medicalmedia – Moms and Babies.

The goal is once again to communicate Vimeiro Original among specific groups, such as pregnant women and mothers, and raise awareness. Vimeiro Original is a natural mineral water, whose benefits have been widely recognized and recommended for this special and initial phase of babies’ lives.

The consumption of a mineral-rich water with alkaline pH, besides guaranteeing a better hydration thanks to the bioavailability of its minerals, can help the digestive process and limit the nausea, vomiting and frequent heartburn of pregnancy. In babies, the consumption of these waters helps the digestive process and relieves the typical colic in the first months of life.

Vimeiro Original stands out in the Portuguese market for its composition and flavor. Strikingly functional, its elements give it a special flavor, characteristic of a more mineralized water that displays all its nutritional properties.

It should also be pointed out that Vimeiro will collaborate and be present in several projects by Medicalmedia – Moms and Babies throughout this year of which we highlight, firstly, the Baby Fair of the Jumbo stores but also the various baby markets, emotional ultrasound sessions and numerous workshops. In parallel to these initiatives designed especially for mothers and babies, Vimeiro Original also associates itself with Moms and Babies as an integral part of the samplings sent strategically to hospital units and ultrasound centers that will be offered to the users in various regions of the country.