Vimeiro Original is now for sale in Makro stores

With the objective if answering the increasing demand of consumers, Vimeiro waters has released Vimeiro Original, in 0.50 L and 1.50 L bottles, available at Makro Cash & Carry stores from north to south of the country.

Makling this water available in a greater number of stores has been one of the main goals of Empresa das Águas do Vimeiro  (EAV), which is now better able to answer the demand of consumers with a new nationwide presence.

Vimeiro Original is a natural mineral water with a characteristic flavour of a more mineralized and alkaline pH water which has been increasingly sought after by consumers who recognize its benefits.

In 2017, compared to the same period in 2016, the sales regarding this reference have increased 10% in volume, which reinforces the existence of a larger number of consumers.

Vimeiro Original is a functional water, different from any other brand in the Portuguese market, due to its mineral generosity (calcium, Magnesium, Bicarbonate) and alkaline pH. Regular consumption is appropriate for the whole family and in particular for pregnant women, babies, children, athletes, and older people that have a greater need to replace essential mineral salts. This water helps with digestion, proper function of the body and, in babies, it helps with cramps that are normal within the first months after birth (when not boiled).

Vimeiro Original has been available since September. It will be promoted in  the entirety of the store chain as part of a formal launch, contemplating a special price, brand activation at the point of sale through promotional materials, and a tasting session with an offer of free gifts (limited to existing stock).