Águas do Vimeiro gain new quality and food safety certification

Águas do Vimeiro gain new quality and food safety certification

As part of the IFS Food certification audit carried out recently at the Águas do Vimeiro Company (EAV), the brand is awarded a rating of 97.59% in the new quality and food safety certification, IFS Food 6.1.

This standard, which includes the assessment and approval of the Global Food Standard Initiative (GFSI), aims to guarantee the quality and food safety of products and processes, from production to its commercialization.

EAV’s continuous efforts and investments in guaranteeing consumer satisfaction and the highest quality and safety of all products, together with the protection of the environment and compliance with the laws in force, are reflected in this new audit to which the company submitted for certification.

Diogo Abreu, EAV’s administrator, states he is convinced that “the company will remain committed to improving its operation in order to achieve increased levels of activity and quality,” which he considers being “vital for the growing affirmation and sustainability of the brand.”

With a focus on the excellence of the production process, distribution of water with high-quality standards, and the constant innovation of the Vimeiro brand, this latest certification acknowledges the company’s and its employees’ commitment and reflects EAV’s efforts to maintain the growth registered in recent years.

It should also be noted that this new certification is now part of a set of certifications previously obtained and currently in force, namely NP EN ISO 9001:2015.