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The Industrial unit of Águas do Vimeiro is divided into two bottling lines: glass bottles and PET bottles. From water collection to bottling, water is subject to a strict quality control.

In welcoming all consumers and clients who want to visit us, we address and show the following:

1 – Water collection – The water that will be bottled in both lines, PET and glass, circulates at 2,000m depth and emerges at a temperature of 26º C.

captação agua

2 – Storage and Technological Processing – Vimeiro Water is stored in 100 000 ltr stainless steel tanks. This allows storage at temperatures ranging from 9 ° C to 15 ° C;

Armazenamento e Processamento

3 – Manufacturing and Reception of bottles – PET bottles are blown and molded in the company’s facilities, while glass bottles arrive at the EAV in their final shape.

Fabrico e Recepção 1Fabrico e Recepção 2

4 – Filling – The filling rooms are characterized by a fully controlled environment to allow bottling and encapsulation at a temperature of 17ºC-19ºC, with positive pressure and filtered air;


5 – Labeling, packaging and palletizing – After filling, all the products are coded and labeled. Following this, water is packaged in such a way as to allow its placing on the market in the various formats and categories available for consumption;

Rotulagem Embalagem e Paletização

6 – Storage and Shipping – After palletizing, and with the help of forklifts, the pallets are placed on the shelves. Properly identified in drive-in in compliance with FIFO (First in First Out) principle.


Quality – From collection to bottling, Água do Vimeiro is subject to rigorous quality control, which respects the most demanding standards to which the company is obliged through the Food Safety Certification and Quality Management.


We’ll be happy to share all this information with you. If you wish to clarify any doubt or to book a visit, please contact us by phone + 351 261 980 000 or by email