Mission and Policy


The Mission of Empresa das Águas do Vimeiro, S.A. (“EAV”) is to be a major player in the bottled water market, valuing the distinctive quality of its product and service, based on its environmental, economic and social sustainability.


EAV is fully committed to ensuring a quality product and service, particularly to meeting and exceeding requirements which include water resource protection, customer protection, food safety assurance, as well as legal and regulatory requirements.

EAV views Quality, Food Safety, Environment, and Safety and Health at Work Systems as strategic aims of the organization’s development, within the framework of permanent innovation and adaptation of processes, infrastructures, technical, industrial and distribution and marketing resources, to the needs of the market and each its customers in particular.

EAV’s constant practice and concern is to ensure the safety and health of its employees, as well as the protection and preservation of its facilities and equipment, the prevention of any source of pollution resulting from its activities and the promotion of sustainable environmental practices within the framework of Circular Economy Systems.

EAV is committed to the involvement, qualification and motivation of its human resources and the establishment of partnerships with its suppliers, based on the principles of ethics and social responsibility, and following a philosophy of continuous improvement, sustainability and social and environmental responsibility.