The Origins

The Natural Mineral Water of Vimeiro has its recharge zone in the Cezaredas Caustic Plateau, about 20 km northeast of Vimeiro, in limestones of Dogger and Malm. These limestone outcrops have an approximate area of 30 km, its intense karstification allowing an effective infiltration of rainwater.

Water Path – Cezaredas / Maceira

a origem da água do vimeiro

The water circulates at a depth of about 2000 m for a few hundred years and emerges in an environment of rare natural beauty between the sea and the countryside on the E flank of the Vimeiro Diapir , where the impermeability of the evaporites prevents its prolongation, provoking its ascent.

a origem da água do vimeiro

During its migration, the water acquires unique chemical features, reflecting the contact with the rocks where it circulates and the residence time. It thus acquires a mineralization of about 1100 mg / ltr which has been maintained for more than 100 years.

All water abstractions are done on the boundaries of Vimeiro Diapir. The water collecting points are located on rocks of calcareous nature, reflecting the geological contact with the Margo-evaporitic unit of Macieira, andgenetically linked to the diapir’s teutonic.

The water is collected at a temperature of about 25 C in three different collection points, Vimeiro 5, EAV 9 and EAV 11, ranging from 170 m to 250 m.

a origem da água do vimeiro

The Vimeiro Lisa, collected at Vimeiro 5, is subsequently subject to a reverse osmosis demineralization process which gives it a mineralization of about 50mg / ltr.

The Vimeiro Original, a natural mineral water, collected at the EAV9 and EAV 11 abstractions, with a mineralization of about 1100 mg / ltr, maintains the characteristics of the water as it is captured.

During the bottling process a rigorous microbiological control is carried out in the company’s Microbiology Laboratory in order to guarantee the quality of the product.

a origem da água do vimeiro