Vimeiro Sparkle


The only natural extra carbonated water made for those who love water with more bubbles. In a package with a sophisticated and contemporary design, a premium sparkling water. Vimeiro Sparkle is the perfect match for whiskey, cocktails or plain, for those who know to enjoy the pleasure of a real sparkling water. The Black Label of sparkling waters.

How does the Black Label of sparkling waters distinguish itself from the others?

  • It is a mineralized water and at the same time has more bubbles (purified CO2). When mixed with other beverages it enhances their flavor. A more complete carbonated water;
  • It has a more sophisticated packaging and positioning;
  • It is the water destined to the most demanding consumers and to the true connoisseurs of highly carbonated sparkling water.
  • It is available in two sizes, 12.5 cl (the ideal dose to complete a drink or to drink plain) and 25 cl for more demanding water enthusiasts.


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